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Prepare for Success

Work to build a portfolio alongside mentors and fellow students in preparation for applying to arts high schools. Expand your skillset  and knowledge in regards to this confusing process— consider our portfolio building classes today!

We are a free portfolio prep program (materials not included) for  middle school students who plan to apply to art high schools in NYC.  Members of underrepresented groups are strongly encouraged to apply. 

In addition to virtual lessons on the specified days below, accepted students will also be paired with an upperclassman student at Laguardia High School who will serve as a mentor and be available for support outside of class hours. 

Applications for the LaG Portfolio Mentors Summer session (July 8th— August 19th, 2023) are now closed.

*LaG Art Portfolio Mentors is not directly associated with the High school application or audition process. It is simply a program run by Laguardia HS students to help middle school students create their portfolio. This program does not guarantee any specific high school placement.

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